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1340 Taney North Kansas City, MO 64116
James Printing, Commercial Printing, Printing services
(816) 561-6211
1916 Clay Street North Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 421-0298
1447 Gentry North Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 286-5780
101 W. 18th St. North Kansas City, MO 64116
Since 1966, Vocational Services, Inc. has been working for the public good: providing employment and other opportunities for citizens with developmental disabilities, and serving the business community with on-demand, flexible services and programs. VSI services include a wide range of programs for people with disabilities and outstanding services for businesses. With three Northland locations and robust community employment, VSI is able to provide a variety of opportunities for individuals with disabilities. For the business community, VSI provides high quality, on-demand outsourcing services to organizations throughout Greater Kansas City and national corporations.
(816) 781-6292
1520 Clay, C-1 North Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 459-7552
5 items found